QCLGA Results

QCLGA Net T.E.N.S, June 30

Janet Johnson

Only the holes starting with a T, E, and N count.

Flight 1: 1st Sonia Heeren, 30; 2nd Karen Stensrud, 33; 3rd (tie) Janet Johnson and Jan Scissons, 34

Flight 2: 1st Radie Haytack, 30; 2nd Sherry Morris, 31; 3rd (tie) Roz Harrison and Jacquie Owens, 33

Flight 3: 1st Kathy Coleman, 29; 2nd Kathy Brogdon, 31; 3rd Judith Olsen, 32

Flight 4: 1st Phyllis O’Brien, 31; 2nd (tie) Mary Newman and Patty Zatkin, 33

Flight 5: 1st Tommy Reid, 34; 2nd (tie) Cyndi Hoover, Sandi Hrovatin, and Margith Baker, 35

QCLGA Pick Your Partner Net Shamble, July 7

Janet Johnson

Flight 1: 1st Kathy Coleman and Theresa Stein 65, 2nd Janet Johnson and Bonny Wilcox 66

Flight 2: 1st Hilary Wade and Patty Zatkin 59, 2nd Roz Harrison and Kathy Printz 64, 3rd Karen Guinn and Perri Jones 65

Flight 3: 1st Linda Kelly and Janet Wegner 64, 2nd Nancy Planck and Kathy Stotz 65, 3rd Phyllis O’Brien and Jan Ranney 69

QCLGA Odd Holes, July 14

Janet Johnson

Flight 1: 1st Sherry Morris -2, 2nd Bonny Wilcox -1

Flight 2: 1st Dena Knox -1, 2nd (tie) Stacia Sower and Alice Dyke E

Flight 3: 1st (tie) Patty Zatkin and Mary Newman E, 2nd Katy Printz +2

Flight 4: 1st Holly Crombie E, 2nd Linda Kelly +1

QCLGA Play the Middle Net, July 21

Janet Johnson

Flight 1: 1st Sherry Morris 39, 2nd Elly Cashel 41

Flight 2: 1st Dena Knox 34, 2nd Alice Dyke 35, 3rd (tie) Radie Haytack and Stacia Sower 36

Flight 3: 1st Linda Ulery 35, 2nd (tie) Karen Guinn, Rose Welliver, and Perri Jones 39

Flight 4: 1st Pam Campbell 33, 2nd Jan Ranney 38, 3rd Linda Kelly 39