QCLGA PYP-2-Person Alternate Shot: October 29

Janet Johnson, Publicity Committee

Flight One

1st place: Johnson, Janet and Rathvon, Bobbi Jo; -2

2nd place: Stensrud, Karen and Wilcox, Bonny; +2

3rd place: Dyke, Alice and Price, Linda; +4

Flight Two

1st place: Avent, Peg and Morris, Sherry; +3

2nd place Tie: Bacon, Terri and Olsen, Judith; +4 and Cook, Marie and Owens, Jacquie; +4

Flight Three

1st place: Allred, Brenda and Knox, Dena; -7

2nd place: Linn, Kathy and Schoen, Sharon; -6

3rd place Tie: Sower, Stacia and Francis, Cheryl; +2 and Nelms, Cathy and Simmons, Diane; +2

Flight Four

1st place: Klaus, Linda and Stotz, Kathy; -1

2nd place: Detman, Lynda and Scafuri, Paula E

3rd place: Gould, Chris and Sanford, Lin; +2

Flight Five

1st place: Anderson, Bonnie and Planck, Nancy; +1

2nd place: Thompson, Kathy and Welliver, Rose; +4

3rd place Tie: Ranney, Jan and Reid, Tommy; +8 and Rowland, Cher and Harmon, Patty; +8

Flight Six

1st place: Bisping, Sharon and Hrovatin, Sandi; +3

2nd place: Kelly, Linda and O’Brien, Phyllis; +7

3rd place: Boyer, Sandra and White, Judi; +9