QCLGA and Unit 29A Reach Out to the Homeless

Janet Johnson, Charlie Johnson, Jacquie Owens, and Peg Avent

Janet Johnson, Charlie Johnson, Jacquie Owens, and Peg Avent

Janet Johnson, Publicity Committee

On April 16, I received an email titled “Tucson’s Homeless Need Our Help!” from the National Alliance on Mental Illness Southern Arizona, (NAMIsa). How they got my email, I’m still not sure, but it definitely felt like it was a meant-to-be moment. I had been racking my brain sitting in our home, feeling so blessed and fortunate, as most all of us have been doing for over a month now, trying to come up with ways to give back to our community during this time of unrest stemming from the COVID-19 pandemic. I contacted our Quail Creek Ladies Golf Association President, Jacquie Owens, and asked if she thought our 128 ladies golf members might be interested in answering this call for help. Well, no grass grew under Jacquie’s feet; before I knew it, she had put out an email blast the very next day asking for donations. We gave them a week to respond and drop off their donations at one of three different locations throughout Quail Creek. My unit, Unit 29A, also was sent a notice in case any of our neighbors wanted to participate in this very worthwhile call for help. To our amazement and excitement, we filled one truck and two cars with an abundance of useful and necessary items for the homeless. We collected masks, ball caps, hats, bandanas, women’s and men’s clothing, blankets, towels, bottled water, refillable water bottles, snacks, peanut butter, plastic utensils, self-opening canned goods, dog food, toiletries, baggies, cereal, energy bars, and other misc. items. Such an outpouring! A great big thank you to everyone who heard the call and gave generously!

NAMIsa, a non-profit organization, has served the Tucson area since 1983. Almost all families are touched by some sort of mental illness at all ages. NAMIsa helps those suffering from depression, bipolar, grief and loss, anxiety, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia, OCD, child depression, and others through no-cost advocacy and education, as well as individual and group support to all ages, including the homeless.

Feel free to contact namisa.org to learn more, give donations, or become a volunteer.