QCCC Is Here to Help, and You Can, Too!

Walt Obremski

The Quail Creek Computer Club (QCCC) has been assisting our members and the Quail Creek Community for more than 20 years. Our dedicated core volunteer staff have more than 200 years of cumulative information technology, electronic technology, computing, smart home, and networking experience. We have addressed thousands of problems brought to us by members and visitors.

Don’t let the name scare you off. Approximately 97 percent of our members have joined to seek computer knowledge or assistance with their technology concerns. On an ongoing basis, about 3 to 5 percent of our members donate their time to assist the remaining membership and community with the proper resolution of their technology problems.

What started out as just a group of home computer enthusiasts has morphed into an extremely knowledgeable group of volunteers assisting the community in their technology needs. From a few members in the early days, our club has grown into an average of approximately 500 members.

How about training? Well, yes, we do that as well. Our classes, again taught by volunteers, include the basics, such as new operating systems (i.e., Windows 10 to 11), software/apps (Microsoft Office products, photo and file handling, tax software, travel apps, etc.), Apple product support, and security applications.

If that isn’t enough for you, we also conduct weekly help sessions, one-on-one, where you bring your computer, tablet, smartphone, etc., into our studio, and we will work with you real-time to resolve your issue(s).

We assist with the resolution of a wide range of technology/computer problems. From the “simple” my computer won’t boot up, to I clicked on something and now I can’t access my computer. But wait! There’s more! How about those folks who received a new computer from their kids or family? Or was it a new smartphone? Tablet? Upgrading a computer? We do it all. And for free to our membership!

Did you buy a new printer? Upgrade your system? And now it won’t connect? We resolve those problems as well.

Scammed? Yes, we’ve assisted with that as well. We always advise “don’t click” on something that looks suspicious (and advise what is “suspicious”). But if you’ve done that already, we can assist with cleaning up the problems it has created.

And, once again, free to our membership. Visit quailcreekcomputerclub.org to explore our current information or visit our well-equipped studio in the Creative Arts and Technology building. Club membership is $20 per calendar year and includes the household (two designated people). Training, classes, help sessions, and more are included in this membership. Stop in at any of our help sessions and test drive the club.

Can I help? Glad you asked!

Over our 20-plus years of existence, many people have come and gone from our community and club. We need new volunteers to assist the membership and community with their technology needs. This is a worthwhile endeavor to share your experience with others who aren’t as well versed in computers and technology as some of us are. Please consider volunteering.

The club has an immediate need for board of directors personnel, monitors, educators/trainers, and administrative assistance. To be a board member, you should have some computing experience. It may just have been that you know how to operate one. We just need people who are used to advising and guiding others on a successful path. We can mentor new volunteers to fill these positions.

Administrative aids should have or want to assist with club maintenance activities such as web support, roster updates/input, and treasury support. Educators/trainers should be familiar with the classes they provide. Also, to gain this experience, these personnel can assist club monitors or trainers with their classes provided.

Please consider volunteering to assist our community in this valuable community asset. Contact QCCC President Harold Baker at [email protected] or 520-269-7341, or QCCC Vice President Walt Obremski at [email protected] or 520-399-2354.