PYP: 2 Person Best Ball, April 1

Debbie Scott

Flight One

First Place: Kate Schwartz/Theresa Stein

Second Place (tie): Cheryl Opsal/Susan McCune and Bobbi Jo Rathvon/Sung Whitehead

Flight Two

First Place: Sherry Morris/Peg Avent

Second Place: Brenda Allred/Cherie McDaniels

Third Place (tie): Amy Carmien/Deb Riddell and Roz Harrison/Cheryl Collyer

Flight Three

First Place (tie): Lynda Detman/Paula Scafuri and Terri Bacon/Judith Olson

Second Place (tie): Pat Tillipaugh/Bonnie Anderson and Elizabeth Heintz/Carol Clifford

Flight Four

First Place: Dian Simmons/Lin Sanford

Second Place (tie): Diane Thornton/Pam Coulter and Linda Klaus/Kathy Stotz

Flight Five

First Place (tie): Phyllis O’Brien/Margith Baker and Patty Harmon/Cyndi Hoover and Kathy Printz/Kandi Roy