Putters sponsor 1st 2018 brunch


Peggy McGee

With the switch to summer hours, the Lady Putters transitioned from holding periodic lunches to brunches during which the winners from the previous six weeks are recognized.

Earning the Coveted Quail for having the low net score of 32.40 was Judy McKinley while Frieda Hyles had a low gross score of 37. Janet Wegner and Yoshie Hennessy tied for most holes-in-one with 12 each.

Achieving a score of under 40 for the first time in their putting careers were Barbara Hunsinger, Kimberly Nichols, Terry Porisch, Judy Strecker and Julie Ratley.

Money hole winners during the period were Barbara DeLange, Beverly Mannering, Diane Dodd, Donna Bruell, Joyce Walton, Kimberly Nichols, Marilyn Burkstrand and Sally Geer. Each received $5 on the day she got a hole-in-one on the Money Hole.

During putting, the team can claim a star hole if each member of the team gets a score of par or lower. As a special treat, this time if everyone on the team got either a three or a one on a particular hole, it was considered a star hole. One team managed to earn 13 star-holes and was recognized at the luncheon. Team members were Kristee West, Barbara DeLange and Diane Gordon. No monetary awards for that effort!

New member Fay Shapiro and Lee Schmidt were recognized for getting four holes-in-one on May 23. They were presented a festive bag containing fancy notepads.

After a brunch featuring yummy asparagus crepes, fresh fruit and a decadent macadamia nut/white chocolate chip cookie, 31 of the 37 ladies attending the brunch received a gift card worth $10.65 for putting at least four times in the preceding six-week period.