Putters Celebrate Christmas in July

The Lady Putters came decked out in holiday colors. (Photo by Peggy McGee)

Putters President Janet Wegner (left) and Vice President Sharon Schoen set the example by making their donations to the Green Valley Food Bank. (Photo by Peggy McGee)

Paper, cleaning, and hygiene products are especially welcomed by the food bank because SNAP (formerly food stamp) funds cannot be used for non-food items. (Photo by Peggy McGee)

Peggy McGee

For July, the morning air was refreshingly cool as the Lady Putters gathered to help the Green Valley Food Bank—and putt, of course. It was time for their annual Christmas in July event, so the ladies were clad in holiday attire and came bearing gifts—of groceries, 169 pounds worth. They also donated $960 to the cause. Their donation was very timely because the shelves were rather empty with so many people traveling to beat the heat.