Prickly Pear trophy won by the men

President Skip with Prickly Pair Trophy and Gail Phillips holds the Humble Pie

President Skip with Prickly Pair Trophy and Gail Phillips holds the Humble Pie

Tim Phillips

Although the early morning commenced with a cascade of lightning streaks, rain and thundering skies, it was under calmer skies when the game began and each side ventured to their starting holes. The golf course was very wet and playing long. At stake was a total of 378 points with the winning team needing 190 points to carry the day and that nebulous but much desired ‘bragging rights’ for the next year and, of course, the Prickly Pair Challenge Trophy. No other prizes were offered and none expected. But there was lunch and a bar facility after the game.

For the men, the two year drought and being the loser is over. This game featured 21 two man teams of men in white from the QCMGA matched against 21 two QCLGA teams in bright blue in an 18 hole match play event format. Scoring for this event amounted to one point for the team winning a hole and ½ point for a hole that was tied. As the last team completed play, it was clear as the sky had become that the men had done better than hold their own, they outmatched the ladies. The Prickly Pair Trophy returned to its first owner and will remain with the QCMGA until the challenge is renewed next year. Of particular note was the fine round of 68 shot by Steve Buttrey, just one shot over his age and four under par!

This year the tourney was directed by the QCMGA. Tim Phillips served as the Chair of the event with strong support from Bonny Wilcox of the QCLGA; Roy Barnes mastered the draw and scorecards and Pro Joel Jaress handled the scoring with assistance from Roy Barnes and Randy Davis.

President of the QCMGA Skip Fumia was presented the Prickly Pair Trophy by President Gail Phillips of the QCLGA. A new tradition was initiated with the presentation of the Humble Pie to Gail Phillips from Skip Fumia. The ladies have chosen to put it in a deep freezer so it can be returned to the men in 2016.

Who knows what will be the game changer in 2016? The QCLGA will set the rules and format for the game in 2016. Without a doubt, the edge will be to the ladies and with appropriate fanfare, the Prickly Pair Trophy returned to their trophy shelf. But not this year—.