PCQC Photo Contest: Animals

Larry Hudson’s Sahuarita Flyby

Bill Martone’s Lazy Morning

Monte Hudson’s Motherly Love

Deb Nesbitt

The Photo Club of Quail Creek (PCQC) held the April photo contest, with animals as the theme. Eligible photos were taken within the last three years, with only minimal post processing allowed.

Congratulations to Larry Hudson for his first place Sahuarita Flyby birds in flight photo. “My wife and I like to walk around Sahuarita Lake. On this particular day, we started our walk and saw these unique birds (Avocets) flying around the lake but not landing. I took a couple of photographs of them, but during our entire walk, we never saw them land and have not seen them before or since.” Larry used a Canon EOS 77D with shooting parameters: depth of field f/6.3, shot at 1/2500 sec, ISO 250, and focal length of 400 mm.

Second place was awarded to Bill Martone for Lazy Morning, showcasing two beautiful bobcats. Here is his great story of how he captured the moment. “On the morning of Feb. 14, I was surprised to see a pair of bobcats lolling in the backyard indigo patch. The cats were too far to get a good shot with my iPhone and I was totally unprepared at not having my Canon digital SLR at the ready (as was suggested in several video lessons shown during our monthly PCQC meetings). Thus, a mad dash ensued to get my camera, battery, and telephoto lens out of the Pelican case and set up for the shoot. As if on cue, the cats decided to pose against a large urn where they stayed, sleepy eyed, long enough for me to get several handheld shots through the glass of the sliding door. The photograph was taken with a Canon EOS 60D digital SLR, Canon 70-200mm zoom lens, zoom setting on 135mm, f 6.3, 1/800 sec, ISO 1250.”

Monte Hudson took third with a lovely photo, Motherly Love. When asked about the photo, she replied, “I took this photo on a camping trip to Patagonia Lake State Park. My husband and I were walking across the spillway and came upon this mother and her days old calf. Post processing was sharpening and cropping.” Monte used a Canon EOS Rebel T6i. Shooting parameters included f/8, at 1/500 second, focal length of 200 mm, and ISO 100.

The Photography Club of Quail Creek sponsors several opportunities for club members, such as monthly and quarterly photo contests, field trips, access to extensive photography resources, and timely presentations during our monthly meetings. Please consult our website and the HOA What’s Happening for additional information and to view photos on Flickr at www.pcqc.org.