On-the-Go: Jewels of 4th Avenue

Bonnie Hyra

On a crisp, sunny Dec. 8 day, 10 The Women Of Quail Creek members ventured out into Tucson, led by Brenda Rock and Bonnie Hyra. Parking cars at the Mercado and hopping onto one of the colorfully decorated streetcars, the group was ready for the ride to 4th Avenue. Antigone Bookstore (www.antigonebooks.com) was the first stop. This independent bookstore has more than just books, and many gifts were purchased.

Following the bookstore stop, the group visited the Santa Teresa Tile Works (santatheresatileworks.com) where members could survey the options in tiles and frames and sign up for the newsletter for classes at a future time. Walking in the neighborhood and on 4th Avenue acquainted the women with what was available on this shopping street. A delicious lunch at Opa’s Greek restaurant just off 4th Avenue was enjoyed by everyone.

After a peek into Time Market (a 1929 fixture), the group was guided to the substitute bus by the kind DOT staff, as the Avenue began to set up for the annual fair. The group then hopped on a waiting streetcar for the return ride to the Mercado and concluded with a visit to La Estrella Mexican Bakery to bring home some goodies.

On-the-Go excursions are open to all members of The Women Of Quail Creek, planned and led by a team of volunteers, September through May.