On-the-Go Excursion Goes to Ben’s Bells!

Ben’s Bells group

Jane Gold and Karen Woodrow

On Feb. 10, 10 The Women Of Quail Creek (TWOQC) members went on an adventure to the Ben’s Bells nonprofit. The group left Quail Creek and drove to the Mercado in South Tucson. After placing their orders for some sweets at a local bakery, they boarded the streetcar to travel to the University stop. The group started with lunch first at Gentle Ben’s, a fun restaurant just off the streetcar stop. After lunch, the group went to Ben’s Bells where they had a fun time painting items for Ben’s Bells.

Here is a little information about Ben’s Bells: It all began in 2002 when Jeannette Mare’s young child died. During her grieving, she was surrounded by friends and family, and they began to talk about the kindness being shown to all of them and wanted to educate others about kindness. This led the way to making “Ben’s Bells” to be given as a token of kindness.

For two hours in the studio, members of the TWOQC did a clay activity, which was fired and used for the Ben’s Bells shop to help fund Ben’s Bells Kindness Education Programs for schools throughout the country.

A very fun afternoon was had by all participants.