Nurses of Quail Creek


Marilyn Darcangelo

Debra Mallory and Judy McCormick co-hosted the November meeting. Over 25 members heard Cheryl Taylor, RN, Red Cross Regional Lead, discuss her involvement in the disasters in Houston and Las Vegas. The primary role of the Red Cross in these disasters is to provide basic first aid, food and shelter. She then related how the Red Cross is active in fire prevention by providing smoke alarms to communities. Sponsored by Disney, the pillowcase project teaches children what to take in an emergency by having all the items written on the pillowcase each child receives. Lastly Cheryl discussed disaster preparedness and asked who had a disaster plan. Be aware of what is likely to occur in our area, e.g. an extended power outage. Get an emergency kit, make a plan and be informed.

The discussion was followed by an ice cream social. Circle your calendar for our next meeting on January 29.