New voting system for future HOA elections

Joe and Linda Lohr

Your Quail Creek Homeowners Association is implementing a new electronic voting system this fall that will enable you to cast your ballots in future HOA elections using your computer or other electronic devices – saving time, money and paper. The system, to debut in this fall’s board member election, employs the services of VoteHOANow, a national vendor that specializes in online HOA-election management. More than 50 Arizona homeowner associations already use the company’s system, which meets all legal requirements for HOA elections. Look for further information in Quail Creek Crossing and What’s Happening on how you can access the benefits this change will provide, such as: quick, easy voting process; access from anywhere; privacy of secure, secret balloting and an eco-friendly approach.

To vote electronically, a household must have an email address on record with the NorthStar system. If you plan to vote electronically and are not sure if your email is on record in NorthStar, please confirm your email with the Concierge Desk before October 1.

Paper ballots will remain available, upon request.

To view more information online go to > Association Living > 2018 Election.