New Shade Structure/Cement Pads

Residents enjoying the new sun shade.

Residents enjoying the new sun shade.

Steve Shapiro

The Quail Creek Pickleball Club (QCPC) is pleased to announce that a new shade structure and cement pads (seating) have been built at our pickleball facility. This project has been ongoing for four to five years through the design/funding process. The design had to be approved by the Property Owners Association, with the 100% of the funding provided by the membership of the QCPC. A huge “Thank You!” goes out to the many hours volunteered by QCPC members who came up with the final plan and implementation.

In February of 2020, the Robson Corporation purchased and installed new LED lights so that all 16 courts have lights. We are confident that all of these enhancements will be enjoyed by all pickleball playing residents of Quail Creek.

The QCPC currently has over 500 members (full/seasonal/social membership) and provides a fun, healthy activity for members of all skill levels. The club promotes good fellowship and sportsmanship during all organized play and social events. The club also offers free beginners lessons several times during the year to all residents of Quail Creek. For further information on what the Quail Creek Pickleball Club has to offer, please visit our website at