New scholarship for Women in Transition offered by TWOQC

Diane Quinn

Do you know a woman over the age of 21 who is at a point of change in her life? Maybe she recently lost her job and needs more training to find another. Maybe she needs new skills to find a better job to help support her family. Maybe she recently left her abusive relationship and wants to go back to school and become independently stable. These and many other scenarios describe women who might be the recipients of a new scholarship being offered by The Women of Quail Creek.

The Women of Quail Creek expects to offer the first Scholarship for Women in Transition in June of this year. The scholarship application will be released in April with an anticipated deadline of May 30 for filing the completed application.

To be eligible for the scholarship a woman must be over the age of 21 and must be pursuing a post-secondary education with the purpose of securing a degree, increasing her job skills or acquiring new job skills. Successful candidates will have specific, achievable goals and must demonstrate a need for financial assistance. This year’s scholarship, valued at $1000, will be awarded in June.

TWOQC is asking for help in disseminating information about this new and unusual scholarship availability. If you know of someone who may qualify for the scholarship, please encourage them to contact TWOQC. If you would like to help by posting flyers about the scholarship in local agencies or places of worship, please contact TWOQC at [email protected]