New return cart in clubhouse library proves popular

Frank Cobarrubias looking for books on the clubhouse Library’s new book cart

Frank Cobarrubias looking for books on the clubhouse Library’s new book cart

Larry Thomson

Recent visitors to the clubhouse library have no doubt noticed the new three shelf cart that has replaced the former drop box return cabinet. Books were sometimes damaged under the old system as they were dropped one on top of the other. The new open shelf cart serves three purposes: it makes it easy to return books without possibly damaging them and it makes it easy for library patrons to find the most popular books. A nice bonus is the fact that the library’s hard working volunteers who sometimes had to shelve 60 or more books each day don’t have to shelve nearly as many books.

As in the past, donated books should be placed in the wicker donation basket near the door, not placed on the return cart. Donated books have to be stamped and shelved by library staff. The open shelf cart is only for books returned from circulation.

Except for popular authors Lee Child, Janet Evanovich, Sue Grafton and J.A. Jance, only those books copyrighted 2008 or later are now being shelved. Others are donated to the VA Hospital, Green Valley Animal League or the White Elephant.

Magazine circulation continues to be brisk and ongoing donations of current issues of popular magazines are needed.

The collection of DVD movies added to the system recently is proving popular and additional donations are needed. Seventy eight movies have been donated since the Library started shelving them again.

Donations to the VA Hospital, Animal League and White Elephant from January through March totaled 940 items excluding magazines.