A new look for the Quail Creek Library

Comfy furniture from the main room of the Quail Creek Grill has been moved into the library.

Comfy furniture from the main room of the Quail Creek Grill has been moved into the library.

Susan Warburton

With the move of the Quail Creek Grill to Madera Clubhouse, the Quail Creek Library has a fresh new look! In accommodation of the move, the comfy furniture of the main room has been moved into the library which enhances the atmosphere and entices residents to enter. Daily newspapers are available for reading in the comfort of sofas and chairs. Computer access is available in the library also.

Our library thrives with donations from you, our residents. Donations include books (hardbacks and paperbacks), magazines, audiobooks, DVDs, puzzles and games. Fiction books dated 2010 and later are kept on the library shelves. Due to limited shelving space, earlier dated books are donated to the Veterans’ Home, the White Elephant, the Animal League, Goodwill and the Pima Library Friends’ Bookstore. Donations can be made in the wicker basket just outside the entrance to the library.

The library is staffed completely by volunteers. There are currently 37 volunteers who donate their time to keep the library running efficiently. This includes the Library Management Team whose job is to oversee the staffing, the donations and the budget in coordination with Robson.

The Annual Meeting of the Library volunteers will be held on Monday, November 20 at 10:00 a.m. in the Mesquite Room at the Kino Conference Center. During this meeting, volunteers can sign up for specific time periods for 2018. Volunteers shelve books or alphabetize and do backup for the first or second half of a given month. A new chairperson will be selected at this meeting. We welcome any new and returning volunteers!

Come by and check out our new look! Remember, as a resident you do not need to sign out any items; just return them when finished to one of the return carts!