New cookbook coming to Quail Creek

Peggy McGee

To coincide with their tenth anniversary, The Women of Quail Creek will be compiling and publishing an entirely different cookbook. All residents, both men and women, living in Quail Creek are invited to submit their favorite recipes.

The new cookbook will have eight categories of recipes: Appetizers and Beverages; Soups, Salads and Sides; Holiday Favorites; Cooking for One or Two; Crock-Pot©/Slow Cooker; Grilling to include meats, vegetables and desserts prepared on the grill, Cooking for a Crowd—entrees that serve 12 or more; and Desserts.

Residents may submit up to five recipes each following these rules:

Give the recipe a title and indicate if heart healthy or GF, gluten free, or diabetic friendly.

List all ingredients in order of use.

Include container sizes, e.g., 16 oz. pkg., 24 oz. can.

Spell out all measurements, e.g., teaspoons.

Keep directions in paragraph form—not in steps.

Use names of ingredients in the directions, e.g., combine flour and sugar. Do not use statements like, “Combine first three ingredients.”

Include temperatures and cooking, chilling, baking and/or freezing times.

When giving ingredients like milk, sour cream, yogurt or cheese please indicate whether they are full fat, low fat, fat free or whether any type milk, sour cream, etc. is OK. Should butter be salted, unsalted or sweet?

Indicate how many persons each recipe serves.

Be consistent with the spelling of names for each recipe contributed. Include email and phone number for questions. This information will not be printed in the book.

Add any interesting facts about the recipe; my grandmother used to make this on special occasions; adapted from a recipe in Cooking Light magazine.

Electronic submission is preferred and should be sent to [email protected].

Hard copies may be dropped off or mailed to Pam Butler at 1121 N. Desert Deer Pass.

Deadline to submit recipes is April 15.