MountainView Lady Putters Visit Quail Creek Lady Putters

The Quail Creek Lady Putters celebrated their 20th anniversary in November, so the ladies from MountainView got to enjoy some of the anniversary cake during the awards luncheon. (Photo by Janet Wegner)

Peggy McGee

It was the MountainView Lady Putters’ turn to make the annual trip south so that the two teams could hold a friendly competition. Each team had five members, three from Quail Creek and two from MountainView.

Team 12 had the best team score of 195: Nancy McDonald (QC), EJ Snearly (MV), Frannie Vanselow (QC), Ginny Shockey (MV), and Cathy Stevens (QC) went home with an extra $20 in their wallets. Team 16 had the second-best team score, with 198: Cathy Thiele (QC), JoAnn Evans (MV), Ann Hay (QC), Sally Newton (MV), and Jana Backus (QC) each earned $15.

Quail Creek’s Cathy Thiele scored four holes-in-one, while MountainView’s Ginny Shockey had three. Each won $10.

Janet Emigh had the lowest personal score for Quail Creek with a 33, while Linda Kelly had the second-lowest personal score with a 35. MountainView’s Jean Kraus had the lowest personal score with a 36, while Linda Greenbough had the second-lowest personal score with a 37. The first-place winners were awarded $20 each, while the second-place ladies earned $10 each.