Monday Night Book Club discusses The Orphan Master’s Son

Mary Kollschegg

For those who lived during the time of the Korean War (or Conflict as some insist on calling it), their recollections of the news stories about North Korea probably do not include such concepts as friendship, love or beauty. The Monday Book Club’s selection for April, The Orphan Master’s Son by Adam Johnson, contains all of those elements along with the usual list of terms used to describe the dictator, Kim Jong II and the North Korean dictatorship. The book chronicles the journey of Pak Jun Do whose father runs a work camp for orphans and gives the young boy a feel for what it is like being in power. Because of his superior abilities, Jun Do quickly rises through the ranks trying to navigate the constantly changing rules and the senseless violence of the Korean overlords until he must deal with Kim Jong II himself to save the woman he loves. This story—part thriller, part romance—is sure to engage the reader on many levels and will certainly provide plenty of material for the book club discussions. If you are interested, come join the group on Monday, April 7 in the Gold Room for some animated conversations.