Minnesota Club parties

Ellen McLaughlin, Kathleen McLaughin and Judy Brzinski

Ellen McLaughlin, Kathleen McLaughin and Judy Brzinski

Linda Roeller

You certainly don’t have to be a Minnesotan, but it helps to be a country western fan to recognize and enjoy the following:

“25 dollar bid it now, 30 dollar 30

Will you gimmie 30 make it 30

Bid it on a 30 dollar will you gimmie 30.

Who’ll bid a 30 dollar bid?

30 dollar bid it now, 35,

will you gimmie 35

to make it 35 to bid at 35.

Who would a-bid it at a 35 dollar bid?”

Recognize The Auctioneer? Over 65 Minnesotans gathered at the Cow Palace in Amado on Thursday, March 19 to eat, drink, and be entertained by the New Country Comfort Band. As an added bonus, our own Quail Creek resident (of course, from Minnesota), John Gunter, joined the band and sang The Auctioneer! What a great evening with lots of singing and dancing, too.

We welcome all Quail Creek residents with Minnesota roots (or life experiences in Minnesota) to join the Minnesota Club. If you are interested in participating in the Minnesota Club and future activities, contact Linda Roeller at 399-2723 or Sue Gunter at 398-4513 or email us at [email protected].