Looking at Local Elections in 2020

Marybeth Bates

The Democratic Club of Quail Creek kicks off 2020 looking at two local Pima County positions up for grabs. With all the uproar on the national election scene, we should not lose sight of the fact that local issues may have a more immediate effect our day to day well-being.

On Saturday, Jan. 18 we will hear from a candidate running for the position of Pima County Assessor and another running for Pima County Attorney.

Brian Johnson, a 21-year resident of Pima County, is the candidate running for Pima County Assessor. His current position is “Program Manager, Pima County Finance & Risk Management Property Assessment Litigation Unit.”

Brian began his career in government at the Pima County Assessor’s Office in 2006 as an appraiser after three years working in Real Estate. Brian was quickly promoted to Senior Appraiser in 2007. His initial assignment was valuing office, medical office, industrial office and bank properties.

Brian went on to also take on assignments to value shopping centers, hotels and resorts, golf courses and restaurant properties. In 2015 Brian moved to the Pima County Administration’s Finance & Risk Management Department in the Property Assessment Litigation Unit after the Assessor relinquished responsibility for defending the office’s valuations in the Arizona Tax Court. Since then Brian has worked with the County Attorney’s Office to negotiate and settle dozens of lawsuits against the county.

As Pima County Assessor, Brian Johnson will work with other governmental bodies and agencies as well as the business community to promote policy in the assessment aspect of property tax policy to help meet community goals.

Jonathan Mosher is the candidate running for Pima County Attorney.

Admitted to the State Bar of Arizona in 1995, he has been an attorney for 25 years and a prosecutor for the last 15 years.

Jonathan currently serves as the Chief Criminal Deputy of the Pima County Attorney’s Office. He is responsible for leading the prosecution and diversion efforts of the Criminal Division’s approximately 70 attorneys and 200 support, while also conducting trainings throughout Arizona and nationwide. He previously served as Chief Trial Counsel, with responsibility for prosecuting violent homicides, sexual assaults, and crimes against children while overseeing the office’s homicide prosecution efforts.

After being promoted to Chief Criminal Deputy in June of 2019, Jonathan has focused on developing and promoting innovative strategies for treatment and rehabilitation of those offenders who are not a danger to the community. As the leader of the office’s Criminal Division, Jonathan is particularly dedicated to data-driven and evidence-based approaches (such as specialty courts and felony drug diversion), to reduce jail and prison populations while maintaining public safety. Jonathan is also committed to efforts to eliminate racial and ethnic disparities in the criminal justice system.

The community is invited to hear these candidates speak on Jan. 18,

2020, at 3 p.m. in the Silver Room, Madera Clubhouse.