‘Lift the Sky’

Members of the Quail Creek Fine Arts Painting Club displaying personal “Lift the Sky” messages.

In August members of the Quail Creek Fine Arts Painting Club joined a global art project called “Lift the Sky.” In a workshop organized by Terry Smith, with assistance from Cyndy Padilla and Judy Ross, the members each determined the message they would like to share with the world and a creative way to communicate that message.

Messages were created on cloth panels. There were no restrictions on what could be used to create the message. QC artists used both watercolor and acrylic paint, tie dye colors, markers, fabric collage, paper collage, embroidery, braiding, and other techniques to create unique, individual statements.

After being displayed in the Art Club window, they will be sent to the Front Porch Gallery in Carlsbad, Calif., where they will be joined together with other artists’ work to create long panels. They will be displayed (along with art from many countries) in various galleries and public spaces.

Each message is already displayed on the project website www.liftthesky.com.