Let’s Play Pool with TWOQC!

Jane Gold

On Aug. 1, 10 members of The Women of Quail Creek (TWOQC) got out of the heat, stayed cool, and played pool with their friends in the recently renovated and expanded Billiards Room at Madera clubhouse. All levels were welcomed.

They enjoyed the new space, described as the “Best Pool Room in the Country.” If not in the country, at least in Southern Arizona. They played on the new 9-foot Diamond Professional Pool Tables.

Alphie Smith and Trisha Tubbs, QC Billiards Club members, as well as members of TWOQC, were their hosts. Since many of the attendees were beginners, Alphie and Trisha provided them with basic instruction on skills and techniques. The group practiced and then played some games of 9-ball. Cue sticks, balls, and chalk were provided in the Billiards Room.

All four tables in the Billiards Room were reserved just for TWOQC. This was the third time TWOQC has offered this small group activity to its members. Previous attendees were welcomed. There was no fee. Alphie has reserved two tables for the end of August as a follow-up for the same women to come and play again. Once is not enough!