Led Zepplified March 27

Nancy Planck, Member Services

Led Zepplified—Led Zeppelin! will perform on Saturday, March 27. Tickets for the 3:30 p.m. show are $27. Tickets for the 6 p.m. show are $29. Both performances will be in the Madera Clubhouse Crystal Ballroom. The show is produced by TAD Management.

Led Zepplified brings not only the sounds, but most importantly the vibe, of a Led Zeppelin concert. “The hammer of the gods” is a phrase closely associated with Led Zeppelin, in an attempt to sum up the power and aura of their live shows, no doubt. The members of Led Zepplified are bringing the hammer, and they’re having a blast doing it! Get Led Zepplified!

Even more than that, it’s about reconnecting with the music that represents, for many millions, the soundtrack of our lives. These were the songs that were playing when so many memorable events happened. From hanging out with friends, parties, a first romance, that car you loved, or songs you listened to so many times that they’re a part of you.

Each member of Led Zepplified embodies the essence of Plant, Page, Jones, and Bonham to achieve the groove and vibe of these highly influential master musicians.

View a preview at youtu.be/sjfp2gLLS3k.

Due to COVID guidelines, we will only be seating 50 patrons per show at six feet apart. We will have five rows of 10 seats across, grouping two seats together. Cloth face masks are required in the Madera Clubhouse at all times and during the performance!

Food and beverage will not be available for purchase. Please bring your own water, as water stations will not be available.

Watch the What’s Happening for ticket sales information. Tickets will only be sold through Member Services (formerly Concierge Desk) at 520-393-5822. For questions, contact Nancy at 520-393-5822.