June Coyote Renovation Update

Renovation Task Force

Hope you are all healthy and well.

The Coyote renovation project is moving along quite nicely. There have been some problems getting workers to do the jobs required. That seems to be a very common occurrence in most businesses, and we have heard some stories from other golf projects going on in Arizona, and we are thankful for the effort Wadsworth Golf is putting forth. Wadsworth Construction has done well getting workers and keeping the project headed in the right direction and fairly on time.

We would like to include some drone pictures, but the winds have prevented that from being done by our architect Gary Brawley. Brawley has been on-site every Tuesday monitoring the progress on Coyote. His monthly guided tours of the course, showing residents the progress being made, answering questions, and explaining the renovation process itself, have been well attended. The most recent tour was June 7, and that will probably be the last tour, as by July, all grassing of the greens, green surrounds, and bunkers will be complete.

As of now, we should have all greens hydro-sprigged with MiniVerde Bermudagrass. This is the same turf variety that was installed last year on the Roadrunner nine and is being used on a lot of golf courses throughout Arizona. We are on schedule to have all the greens grassed by June 15 to allow a healthy grow-in time for the green surfaces. Ahead of the greens being planted, all green surrounds will be sodded, with the short-cut areas being the new variety of TifTuf and the outer surrounds Tifway 419. The fairway bunkers will be completed and the fairways hydro-sprigged by July 1, also allowing for a healthy grow-in time.

We do get a lot of questions, as does Gary during the course tours, about the firmness of the new greens when we open. Even though there will be a new 10 inches of sand under the turf surface, the greens will be firm for the first few years while a thatch level builds up, and this is common on grassing of new greens.

Again, please do not go out onto the course during the renovation work. Deep trenches, heavy machinery, and uneven surfaces are plentiful and dangerous.