June and July Art Exhibit and Sale: Whimsy of Andrea

Andrea Folts

Created by Andrea Folts

An art show for artist Andrea Folts is at Posada Java Café in Green Valley. The show began June 2 and ends Aug. 2. Andrea will be at her showing at Posada Java to meet and greet on June 20 and 22 from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m., and she would truly enjoy meeting with you.

Andrea is known for her whimsical style and for her bold, intense use of color. She has shown her work in galleries and in many shops throughout the U.S. Locally, her work can be found in Tubac and in Green Valley.

Andrea has a deep compassion and passion for animals and nature. Therefore, she is drawn to doing pet portraits, landscapes, animals, and flowers. She says she finds a lot of joy painting the creatures she loves in very bright, bold, intense colors. She sees the colors in her mind’s eye and transfers them to the canvas. She says there isn’t a place she has more fun than at her easel in her studio.

Over the years, Andrea has worked with different mediums, but it’s painting with acrylics that she enjoys most. She is self-taught; however, she says she learned more about style and composition from talented artists she has met throughout the years. She began her work drawing with pencil, seeking perfection, until finally discovering she would only feel accomplished finding a style of her own. In time, she learned that art was not about perfection, but about taking risks, enjoying the process, and remaining positive. Therefore, by letting go, she gave herself permission to experiment. She began to discover herself and to have fun.

Andrea began painting for her own enjoyment, but ultimately was asked to show her work, and soon was sought after to do commissioned pet portraits. She found people were very excited about the intensity of color and the imagination she was displaying.

Over the years, Andrea’s style has grown and changed into what it is today. Although her style may have changed, nature and animals will forever remain her greatest inspiration.

Many people have questioned her about what real art is. “It is my personal belief that, for me, art is about imagination and creativity, and, as the viewer, that which you enjoy and what moves you. I am hopeful my work will move you in some way and that you will enjoy the color and imagination involved in creating each piece.”