It’s 2020 and a Double Murder is Afoot

Davey Jones

Only about two weeks to go for the next murder mystery, A Roaring ’20s Double Murder on stage at the Madera Clubhouse. There may only be a limited number of tickets left by the time this article is printed. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, Jan. 28, 29, 30, this show will start at 6 p.m. and includes a two-course dinner for just $29 all in, with tables set for up to eight. These shows usually sell out and this one is headed that way.

Four “innocent looking” ladies are about to be sprung from the Tucson Federal Correctional Facility and head to the Crystal Cabaret to perform. They are played by Dodie Prescott, Pam Campbell, Sandi Hrovatin, and Claudia Andrews. Their mentor, Mike Vance, and music director, Chris Moravchik are both involved in the break-out scheme. Davey Jones is the owner of the Crystal Cabaret and expects to reap the benefit of these singers/performers. However, it is clear from the outset that conspiracies abound and nobody can be sure they will live to benefit from the show.

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