Introduction to the Streetcar—A TWOQC On-the-Go Experience

Main Pima County Library Plaza (photo by Pat Neel)

Jane Gold

Twelve adventurous The Women Of Quail Creek (TWOQC) members started December by riding the Sun Link Tucson streetcar. This excursion, led by Bonnie Hyra and Pat Neel, answered questions about where the streetcar goes and why take it instead of driving your car. The participants had to be either a new TWOQC member or those who have not taken the streetcar in the past two years.

This was an on/off adventure, stopping briefly to see what could be found at different streetcar stops. There was a lot of standing, riding, and walking. The group enjoyed lunch together at an unusual venue, the University of Arizona Cactus Grill. Lunching with the students brought back memories and was a fun experience.