Interclub Play at Quail Creek

Linda Ulery

The Quail Creek Ladies Golf Association, our Quail Creek 18-hole ladies golf group, hosted the Green Valley Ladies Interclub competition on June 8. The Interclub is an organization of five golf clubs in Green Valley, which includes Torres Blancas, Canoa Ranch, Desert Hills, San Ignacio, and Quail Creek.

Each club hosts once a year during the spring and summer months. Teams are chosen each month by qualifying at one of our Thursday play dates. The format is stroke play with Stableford scoring. Eight-member teams compete, and the five best scores, gross and net, are counted at each competition. Scores accumulate throughout the season, and the winners are announced at the final competition and luncheon. Interclub is a fun way to play different courses in Green Valley and to meet and make friends with other lady golfers in our area.