In My Kitchen Event—Salad and Dessert with Joy & Friends!

Pam Hartwell-James

In My Kitchen is one of The Women of Quail Creek’s (TWOQC) small groups. It’s led by Pam Hartwell-James and is held in members’ kitchens who wish to host an event. On Nov. 6 this event was hosted by Joy Richardson. The women who attended were Joy Richardson, Kay Martens, Joanna Miller, Fern Hilton, Deb Melton, Pat Neel, Jean Tittle, Lois Madsen, Suzan Bryceland, Bonnie Sorenson, Patricia Fina Weaver, Joan Brown, and Flossie O’Day.

The menu was fresh mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes, and stone fruit salad (mangos and avocados), and for dessert, she served a chocolate cake with a chocolate filling and à la mode ice cream. The group prepared the dessert together, and each attendee made her individual salad. It was fabulous!