Congrats, Barry Davis

Barry Davis

Congratulations to fellow Quail Creek Men’s Golf Association member Barry Davis for scoring his first career hole-in-one on Roadrunner hole number 2 on Saturday, Aug. 12. Way to go, Barry!

Quoting him, “I did use a 7 iron, and the hole distance was 173 yards. My playing partners were Gary Christensen, Steve Harris, and Larry Ganje. The pin placement was a white flag. My ball landed about 10 feet shy of the hole and bounced one time, straight into the hole. I did hear it hit the pin when it went in. This was my first hole-in-one.

Hole-in-One on the Money Hole

Julie Mocek (photo by Peggy McGee)

Peggy McGee

Julie Mocek jumped for joy when she scored a hole-in-one on the Money Hole for the first time in her Lady Putters career. She will be smiling even more when she receives her $5 for this achievement!