Help us honor the traditions of the season

It has been the tradition of the Quail Creek Performing Arts Guild (QCPAG) to provide our friends and neighbors with an outstanding annual Christmas show. A show that honors the spirit of the season and provides an opportunity for our community to join together in the celebration of the holiday season. The PAG annual Christmas Show is always something special. Each year the VP of Music/Variety and their committees work hard for a show that not only demonstrates the skills and talents of our members but ensures that it conveys the spirit of the season.
In the spirit of tradition, the show this year is going to be really special! We want your help! We are asking all Quail Creek residents to help us in writing this year’s Christmas show. If you have a special custom, dance, song, prayer or anything specific that you do or did as part of your religion, culture or an old family tradition, we want the details. It may be just what we’re looking for as part of the show. We’re not asking you to perform it we’ll do that for you.
The main narrators of the show will be a couple who are well traveled and as they are decorating their Christmas tree with all of the ornaments they have collected around the world, they reminisce about each location – and in comes an act, song, dance, etc., using one of your submitted traditions.
Please send detailed information to Cyndy Gierada at [email protected] or call Cyndy at 520-445-6829. We would really like to start putting the show together by August 1.
We are also looking for volunteers to audition for the part of the couple. If you’re interested, please get you name to Cyndy by September 1. Auditions will be held in September.