Grateful Snowbird

undefinedYasmin John-Thorpe

In 2009, when I convinced my husband to purchase a winter residence on Orchid Lane, I had no idea how wonderful that decision would be for me. My husband is the golfer; I’m a writer but with little time to write. Back home, in British Columbia, I organize several literacy programs and my time has always been in demand by teachers, principals and fellow writers.

I am a children’s author and it had been years since I stole time to write my own stories. Quail Creek offered me uninterrupted time to focus on my own passion for creating stories for young readers.

Last year, during the winter months, I finally took time for myself and created a series of stories based on the Sonoran Desert residents. Gambel’s Quail hold a fascination for me.

Back home in Penticton we have California Quail which some wise person imported to the Okanagan Valley in the 1950s to help rid the many fruit trees of destructive insects.

The quail population has thrived and I believe at last count we have more California Quail than California.

A New Home for the Q’s, my first book in the series, tells the story of Quinn and Queenie Quail’s search for a new home. Through the books young readers will meet Jaxson Jackrabbit, Sasha Scorpion, Hummer Hummingbird, Cruz Coyote, Bryce Bobcat, Seth Swallowtail, the state butterfly of Arizona and many others with several getting their own story.

I used several websites to gather information of the desert creatures as some are new to me. I was grateful to the Governor of Arizona, Honorable Janice Brewer, for allowing me to post her website in my book as I researched facts on her website.

I will be creating more stories this winter. I’m pleased to be able to share my book with Quail Creek residents at the Arts and Crafts Event. If you see me, please let me know which desert resident is your favorite; I’m hoping to have the second book about Cruz Coyote and Rory Roadrunner published for the Tucson Festival of Books in March.

Thank you, Quail Creek, for the opportunity to let my imagination run wild like the desert residents!