Got Water Concerns?

CAP Board Member and Quail Creek Water Rep to Highlight Oct. 25 Green Valley/Sahuarita Water Forum

Pat Jacobs, Central Arizona Project Board Member, as a representative from Pima County, and Martin Roush, Robson Director of Utilities overseeing Quail Creek Water, will be the guest speakers at a Green Valley/Sahuarita Water Forum. This forum will be held in the Quail Creek Crystal Ballroom starting at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 25.

The objective of the forum is for those present to gain a better appreciation of their current source of water and what the detriments have been in the past and what is being done to mitigate them in the future. The purpose is to ensure a more sustainable supply of water. For decades and still today, the Green Valley/Sahuarita area has a net deficit in its groundwater.

Specifically, we are using more than nature can replenish. The result is a declining water table and subsidence. Complicating this is the ongoing Colorado River and Lake Mead/Lake Powell situation.

The program will be in four parts. John Kozma, prior chair of the Green Valley Council Environmental Committee for four years and coordinator of this forum, will start if off with a “Water 101” orientation. Towards the end of this segment, John will have a recap on the six water providers that exist in Green Valley/Sahuarita. With the sixth provider being Quail Creek Water, Martin Roush will take over, speaking to our current and future situation here in Quail Creek. This will be the second segment of the program.

Upon Martin’s completion, Pat Jacobs will be introduced and speak about the Colorado River situation and what Arizona can expect from the Central Arizona Project going forward. Pat’s comments constitute the third segment of the program.

The fourth and concluding segment will be an open Question & Answer period. For those interested, a handout will be available which lists the key resources and websites associated with our water. This forum is an open public event, free of charge. No RSVP is involved. See you there on the 25th of October.