Golf Update

Noah Gessler, Golf Course Superintendent

The Quail renovation began on Monday, March 27. Our contractors have continued to work on the installation of main lines at the road crossings. They have started to mark out the limits of disturbance around the green and tee complexes to prepare for the turf removal that will begin first thing Monday morning. As was done on Coyote, the greens and tees will be completely rebuilt, as well as all of the bunkers.

Once the course is closed, we will begin to spray out the fairways and continue to do so over the course of the project to remove all of the old ryegrass and Bermudagrass. After these applications, we will continue to have to do some watering to make sure the products are effective. There will also be various mechanical practices done to make the fairways ready for replanting.

The roughs will be left alone, with the exception of the areas around the bunkers that will need to be worked on. We will be working to push the Bermuda in many areas of the rough to improve it, and some areas will be treated just like the new fairways once they are planted in terms of how they are watered and fertilized.