Golf Course Appreciation

Skip and Dreama Fumia on behalf of the Green Committee

As we near the end of 2015 and dash into 2016 and our golf course’s “high season” (read lots of course traffic!), it’s a good time to take a pause and be grateful for the many things that allow us to enjoy memorable golf experiences here at Quail Creek.

First and foremost, if your health enables you to play the game of golf at any level, at any frequency, count yourself lucky. Can’t hit your driver as far as you used to? The fact that you can still hit your driver should not be overlooked.

Second, be thankful for our wonderful Sonoran Desert weather that allows us to golf year-round. Annoyed by a 90-minute frost delay? Just speak with your friends or relatives from other parts of the country who are shoveling and scraping.

Third, let’s not forget our fellow golfers with whom we share both the highs and lows of our great and not-so-great rounds. The golf experience is significantly diminished if it is played as a single.

And fourth, please take a moment to appreciate our courses and the staff that looks after our courses as well as the staff that manages our play. J.R. Kies, our course superintendent, and his crew work diligently throughout the year to keep our courses in the best possible shape, while Head Pro Joel Jaress and his staff organizes our individual play, supports our tournament play and special events, while stocking our Pro Shop to fit our golf needs.

While we’re at it, let’s thank the QC golfing associations whose volunteer members work through the year to organize weekly play as well as other wonderful competitive and social events.

Let’s go out on a limb and thank the AGA, the AWGA, and even the USGA for steadfastly providing the ultimate authority in organized play and the Rules of Golf.

Finally, the Green Committee thanks its members for volunteering their time and energy toward continuous improvement of the QC golf experience for our residents and guests. Appreciation also goes to our Adopt-a-Hole volunteers and their leader, Dave Schutt, for the extra TLC they provide our course on a regular basis.

All in all in this thankful and generous holiday season, please remember to take a moment to appreciate all things “golf” at Quail Creek.