Golf “as the summer winds down”

Skip and Dreama Fumia

It’s August and we’re nearing the end of a heavy growing season for the grass on our course. Heat and humidity produce ideal growing conditions for the Bermuda, so J.R. Kies and our golf maintenance crew members are busy keeping the fairways and roughs cut. Fairways are cut to 1/2” and roughs to 1.25”. You’ll notice a new 3’ to 4’ wide step cut in the rough at ¾”.

Our greens are being treated aggressively to encourage recovery growth. In order to optimize conditions for new grass, the sparsest areas have been re-sodded with Champion Ultra Dwarf Bermuda from our practice putting green. Re-sodding of the practice putting green will then take place (if not already accomplished by the time you read this). Our maintenance crew worked to provide 18 holes of putting for the Wednesday activities of our Lady Putters use of the practice putting green during this time. A big thank you goes to the Lady Putters for accommodating our re-sodding strategy.

The health of our greens will be reassessed in mid-August in order to make the final determination of our greens overseed strategy for this year.

Our general overseed process (replacing our summer Bermuda with winter rye on fairways and tees) will begin on September 8 with re-opening scheduled for September 28. This will be followed by three weeks of cart-path only play. Of course, weather plays a key role so plans may need to be changed as a result. However, golfers will be kept abreast of plans through What’s Happening announcements.

If you have not already done so, check out our HOA website — Association Living, Committees, Green Committee — to find the latest Green Committee meeting minutes. They contain a wealth of information about the latest and greatest happenings in QC Golf Operations. As always, we remind our golfers of the three R’s of golfing – Replace/sand divots, Repair ball marks on the green and Rake bunkers!