Going Batty: The Mysterious, Amazing World of Bats

Jeff Babson

Going Batty: The Mysterious, Amazing World of Bats will be presented by Jeff Babson, Environmental Educator at the Madera Clubhouse Crystal Ballroom on Thursday, Aug. 19, at 5 p.m.

$10 cash donation at the door.

Bats are the world’s only flying mammals, performing amazing feats of pollination and predation under cover of darkness. They perform critical roles in the pollination of plants such as agaves and some cacti. Bats are nature’s pest control service, devouring countless multitudes of insects every night. Thankfully, people’s attitudes toward bats have changed fairly dramatically in a positive direction over the past few decades. Join us for this presentation into the amazing world of bats.

Masks are recommended but not required in the Madera Clubhouse or any of the POA facilities.

Call Member Services at 520-393-5822 for reservations, or watch the What’s Happening for the link to make your own.