‘The Girls of Atomic City’ sparks stimulating discussions

MC Kollschegg

Denise Kiernan’s book, The Girls of Atomic City, reveals a part of U.S. history that took place in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, and was shrouded in mystery and suspense for many years. Oak Ridge was one of those secret cities that suddenly sprung up seemingly out of nowhere and for no particular reason. However, its population grew quickly and soon totaled over 75,000, most of whom were women from small southern towns. Although many suspected they were working on a special project and had figured out bits and pieces, the full impact of what they were doing was not realized until after the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. Their jobs had been to enrich uranium for the atomic bomb.

The mystery, the secrecy, the morality, the urgency and many more aspects of this part of our history will be discussed with, no doubt, some very strong feelings and convictions. Pick up the book, give it a read and join the Monday Night Book Club on June 2 in the Gold Room for some very animated discussions.