General Manager’s Report by Melani Caron

Attending board meetings is a great way for everyone to stay in the know and a means to keep rumors at bay. The Quail Creek Board of Directors meetings are held quarterly with the first meeting of the year being held on Monday, Feb. 21, at 10 a.m. The association’s business is conducted during an open meeting with homeowners in attendance. Once the open meeting is adjourned, there will be a Q&A held immediately afterward. The Q&A provides an opportunity for those in attendance to ask questions directly to the board.

The governing documents require the association to notify you in advance of all meetings, and you’re welcomed—in fact, you are encouraged—to attend and listen. The only time you can’t listen is when the board goes into executive session. Topics that the board can discuss in executive session are limited by Arizona state law, which include a narrow range of sensitive topics.

The property owner association (POA) will notify the community of both open and executive session meetings via the “What’s Happening” email. The meeting notice will always include the date, time, purpose, and place of the meeting. A detailed agenda listing the business matters before the board will also be included.

As the general manager, I also hold a monthly “Coffee with the GM” meeting, which allows me to provide an update as to the projects the management staff and I are working on in addition to upcoming news and announcements. It helps to keep everyone updated and informed in between the quarterly board meetings. The dates and times of the Coffee with the GM meeting may vary from month to month in order to accommodate everyone’s busy schedule. I hope to see you all soon.