Genealogy Club Holds Inaugural General Membership Meeting

Dick Sussman,
QCGC Communications Chair

On March 30 the leadership of our much-anticipated Quail Creek Genealogy Club (QCGC) was greeted with robust applause as they introduced themselves to an assembly of more than 50 members and other genealogy-interested residents in the superbly equipped Kino Ocotillo/Mesquite Room. Leaders outlined plans for the year-round mentoring and teaching of lineage researching and how to use all modern genealogy options, tools, and methods. Monthly member meetings and workshops feature residents with years of academic-level researching skills as well as discussions presented by renowned guest speakers. For this inaugural meeting, attendees were treated to a marvelously appropriate presentation, “Become an Organized Genealogist,” presented by Debra Karibinier, president of the Southern Arizona Genealogy Society. Her one-hour QC presentation can be studied and enjoyed here:

Visit our club’s attractive, easy-to-navigate website,, and browse the literally thousands of documents, shortcuts, and links explaining techniques and resources (including DNA lineage searches that so gratifyingly uncover many living relatives you may not know about). While on our website, click the “Join Us” tab to see how easy it is to become a QCGC member, and let us help you trace any family lineage back through past centuries. Also, our QC HOA web page colorfully describes our club in-depth and provides useful contact information. Our leadership team includes residents Pam Williams, John Gelber, Norma Schellberg, Margie Barber, Mark Hester, Janice Messer, RoseMary Tuck, and Dick Sussman, QC Genealogy Club’s founder.