Genealogy Club Celebrates First Anniversary

QC Genealogy Club Leadership Team (left to right): Dick Sussman, club founder; Margie Barber, secretary; Mark Hester, board member; Judie Fry, resources; Janice Messer, guest speakers; Bobbi Gordon, special events; Pam Williams, president; Jane Gold, member; Barbara Bird, member; Mary-Lynn Dubray, research

Dick Sussman, QCGC Communications Director

At our special November “Meet & Greet” event, members of our QC Genealogy Club (QCGC), along with spouses/partners, hugely enjoyed their first official social gathering since the club was established. An attractive QC Grill-hosted buffet station filled with delicious appetizer and fruit temptations was a great success. With all of us so relatively new to the club after only one year, we wanted an opportunity to have some fun and get to know each other better.

The event was very well-attended and a delightful way to personally introduce many of us to each other. Lively and stimulating conversations ensued—many of them centered around tracing our families back through the centuries, building family trees, and the exciting discoveries we made relating to formerly-unknown worldwide relatives.

New friendships with fellow community residents emerged based on many common interests, home state regions, and their life experiences well beyond genealogy. Don’t miss vividly seeing all this in our 12-minute “event-highlights” video here:

Visit our club’s attractive, easy-to-navigate website and browse the literally thousands of documents, shortcuts, and links explaining techniques and resources (including DNA lineage searches that so gratifyingly uncover many living relatives you may not know about). While on our website, click the “Join Us” tab to see how easy it is to become a QCGC member and let us help you trace any family lineage back through past centuries. Also, do visit our QC HOA webpage, which colorfully describes our club in depth and provides useful contact info.