Friends of Madera Canyon Presentation: History of Madera Canyon


Friends of Madera Canyon Presentation (FOMC) will meet Monday, December 18, 2017, at 7:00 p.m. in the Madera Clubhouse Crystal Ballroom.

History of Madera Canyon will be presented by Jim Woodward. Tickets are $10 and available at the concierge desk or at the door.

Today, when we look at Madera Canyon from I-19, we probably think about how pretty it is or possibly what a great place it is to hike, picnic or go bird watching. In actuality, the canyon has been attracting human attention for thousands of years, and for most of those, natural beauty and exotic bird species were not the primary reasons for being there. Food, water, protection and shelter were the paramount reasons for inhabiting the canyon. With the arrival of the Spanish in the area mineral wealth became the focus of their quest. In time, the native peoples were displaced and Madera Canyon was seen as a source of non-renewable and renewable natural resources including mineral, lumber and grazing wealth. In time, the natural value of the canyon was better appreciated and is now preserved for generations to come.

Please join us to explore a history of Madera Canyon and, when you can, come and visit the canyon as well.

Biography – Jim Woodward

Mr. James S. Woodward was a 40-year employee of the U. S. Coast Guard, retiring in January 2004. His career began in 1963 as an enlisted man. After leaving active military duty in 1967, he returned as a civilian in the Civil Engineering section and served in that capacity until 1981. His main focus was lighthouse related projects including reconstruction, maintenance and preservation. He worked extensively on the lighthouse automation program during the 1970s and 80s. After that, he served as an Environmental Protection Specialist until retiring in 2004. Upon his retirement from the Coast Guard, Mr. Woodward was awarded the Commander’s Award for Sustained Excellence and was cited in the award as being “the single greatest resource for lighthouse and Fresnel lens preservation in the Coast Guard” by Adm. Gable.

Mr. Woodward is the owner of “The Lighthouse Consultant” and provides consulting services related to all aspects of classical lighthouse lens preservation, and has worked on over 200 lens projects in his career. His website is

Jim has been a member of the Friends of Madera Canyon (FOMC) for a number of years. He has supported FOMC events and is a regular volunteer at the Visitor Information Station. In 2013, he worked closely with the USFS and the Green Valley Hiking Club and spearheaded a project to remove artificial barriers that were blocking hiking areas and washes that had been constructed by an unknown individual. For the past four years, he has served on the FOMC board and is currently their president. As a board member, he has made numerous presentations relating to the history of the area including Madera Canyon. He resides in Green Valley with his wife, Anita, and primarily enjoys cycling and running. He has been a hike leader in the Green Valley Hiking Club and especially enjoyed hikes in the Santa Rita Mountains.