Fine Arts Painting Club Keeps the Members Working on Challenging Projects

Judy McCormick, the current president of the Quail Creek Fine Arts Painting Club

Judy McCormick, the current president of the Quail Creek Fine Arts Painting Club

Ginny Hutcheson, Vice President, QCFAPC

Judy McCormick, president of the Quail Creek Fine Arts Painting Club (QCFAPC), has been actively keeping over 100 members of the Quail Creek painting club active and interested in art during these trying times of social distancing. While the Creative Arts and Technology Center (CATC) was closed for in-studio activities, Judy was researching art videos online to share with the club members. Starting in March, she has sent the membership emails on videos of how-to projects, such as learning to draw, painting your own greeting cards, painting people, charcoal portraits, palette painting, journaling, pastel portraits, watercolor, acrylic, and others.

Judy challenged the members to finish a picture with a different theme every two weeks. Subjects for these challenges were varied and fun, such as pictures of cacti, pets, a new club logo, patriotic, anything liquid, above and below an ocean, southwest, anything that flies, and more. A new Facebook site was established to share the challenge pictures with the members. To reach all club members, a new website at also was established with features for sharing the challenge pictures on Facebook and to communicate all club activities.

In March, Judy wrote an article about the Quail Creek Fine Arts Painting Club that appeared in the May issue of the Valley Friends and Neighbors Magazine. She has continued to keep up with the business part of the club by hosting Zoom meetings or conducting business through emails. There have been meetings with the POA on how to safely conduct classes in the art room when the CATC building was open again. She worked with the education coordinators and the webmaster to get the club’s fall and winter class schedules on the website.

As an artist herself, Judy has not only kept the club active and together, but also has participated in the challenges, attended educational activities in the art studio, and continues to improve in her own artwork of oil painting, charcoal, and more. The members of the club greatly appreciate her leadership, and the time and effort she has given to maintain a high standard of activities during her years as president.