February 2022 Monthly Member Statements

Melani Caron, CAAM, CMCA, General Manager

Monthly member statements will be sent out this week. Please see below for reminder instructions on how to submit payment. Please note that your Member Account and Property Account are separate and have different numbers. Your Member Account is for charges made monthly at The Grill, Pro Shop, tickets, etc., and your Property Account is for the bi-annual POA assessment. You can find your member number in the top right-hand corner of your member statement. For questions regarding your Member Account, please email [email protected]. Payment options for your Member Account:

1. Pay your bill on the Quail Creek website: Member Center > My Account > Monthly Statement Summary & Payments

* a. Credit card: a 2.5% processing fee applies

* b. ACH (e-check): no processing fee

2. Pay using your bank’s online bill payment system to the PO Box address in Phoenix as noted. Include your eight-digit member number to be processed correctly. As a reminder, if you use your online banking system, you should have TWO addresses, one for POA Dues and one for Member Account Payments.

3. Send a personal check to the PO Box address in Phoenix. Print and send the payment coupon along with your check. Write your eight-digit member number on your check. If you use your bank’s online bill payment system, check the remittance address.

Member Account Payments should be sent to this address:

Quail Creek POA

PO Box 65433

Phoenix, AZ 85082-5433