An event and a book for every dog lover

Herb Chilstrom, a Quail Creek resident since 2000, loves dogs! And given the number of dogs out for walks at all hours of the day, it’s clear that many of his neighbors share his affection for their four-legged friends.

Herb’s dog Jonah, a Cairn terrier, was the Chilstrom’s 24/7 companion for more than 17 years. The bond was deep.

When Jonah died a year ago Herb didn’t want to lose some of the poignant memories of their life together. He started writing. Soon he was recalling other dogs he has known and loved over a lifetime—including two other Cairn terriers, a Lab and a Collie—all the way back to when he was a lad.

Soon Herb had a book My Friend Jonah–and Other Dogs I’ve Loved.

The book begins with a tongue-in-cheek sketch on how wolves evolved into dogs, giving more credit to the wolves than is usually the case. Minnesota’s U.S. Senator Amy Klobuchar, another dog lover, wrote the foreword to the book.

Long-time Atlanta political cartoonist Gene Basset, a summertime neighbor of Herb’s in Minnesota, brings liveliness to the book with more than 25 splendid sketches of the stories. As Editor Dan Shearer of the GV News put it, “Basset really nails it!”

At the end of each chapter Herb adds some words about the lessons for life he learned from each of his dogs.

Long time QC residents and dog lovers, Phil and Shelby Geddes, say this about My Friend Jonah: “We just want to tell you how much we enjoyed your book. Having known Jonah made it all the more special. Your love for all the animal members of your family came shining through. Thank you for writing this book as it made us think of the dogs that have been members of our family.”

The self-published volume was released by Huff Publishing in early October. By the end of the year almost 1,100 copies had gone out. And the pace continues.

Herb will have a book signing at the Madera Club House on Saturday, January 24 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. He looks forward to greeting many of his QC neighbors and Green Valley friends.

The book will be on sale to QC residents for $20.

If you can’t make the signing it can be ordered at