Employees send heartfelt thanks to all QC residents

Monday, December 8 was the day of the Employee Appreciation Event. Preparations for this celebration had been in progress for weeks and months prior to the actual day. Articles were written for the Xtra and the Quail Creek Crossing and requests/reminders were posted in What’s Happening asking the residents to show their appreciation to all the employees of Quail Creek through their donations. Once again the residents came through providing over $17,000 to be divided among the employees in the form of gift cards. In addition to the donations, some residents took the time to write a personal note thanking the employees for their work. These notes and letters were read as part of the presentation ceremony. Some residents joined the group for the presentations, showing their support and appreciation. All the employees wish to thank the Quail Creek residents who so generously donated to this event and, ultimately, to them.

After the cards were presented and the 2015 Darrah Studios calendars made available, the employees were treated to a delicious meal provided by our own chef Aris and his crew. Many commented that this was the best meal ever at this event but the meal was not complete without a scrumptious piece of cake made right here on the premises. Employees could take some time to visit with each other and relax with a piece of that lovely cake and some coffee. The entire evening was rated a success – the residents were generous, the employees were grateful and the EAE committee’s hard work paid off when these two entities were brought together.