Employee of the Year

Josiah Astorga and Christopher Monjaras

Hello Residents of Quail Creek,

Back in July 2019, we implemented a staff recognition program to acknowledge those who have gone above and beyond. Each quarter there are two employees chosen by management: one front of the house and one back of the house staff member. At the end of the year, every employee of the quarter has the chance to be named Employee of the Year. At this time, we would like to announce the 2022 Front of House and Back of House Employees of the First Quarter. Drumroll, please …

2022 Employees of the First Quarter—Back of House

Josiah Astorga, Cook 1

“Josiah Astorga always goes the extra mile, whether it’s staying late to clean, pulling a double shift, or jumping in the dish pit. He is respectful to everyone and professional in the kitchen.”

2022 Employees of the First Quarter—Front of House

Christopher Monjaras, Expeditor

“Chris Monjaras is our veteran expeditor. He knows what needs to happen and will get it done. He is engaged with the cooks to communicate about tickets and is very personable when delivering food to our residents.”