“Elf on the Shelf” contest coming to Quail Creek

Your POA Board Representatives

There’s nothing that says “holiday time” quite like those cute or, as some might say, “a bit creepy,” little elves perching up in a tree, peeking around the corner in a potted plant waving to you during your morning walk around the loop, or sitting at the tee box on No. 9. Heads up or looking low, this holiday season you will find 12 of these little elves placed about our community by your two POA Board Representatives.

We will be randomly placing them about from December 1 until December 15 for your picking pleasure. Some will be easy and some may be hard to find. But the rewards are worth your effort. Return them to the Concierge Desk as soon as you find one and you will be granted a $20 gift certificate to The Grill. Let the challenge begin!

In the spirit of fairness and community, please, only one certificate will be rewarded per household. And, this contest is for residents only.

Have fun and let the game begin. They’ll be waving at you soon.